Tweet Trading is all about adjusting to your surroundings regardless of what your mind is telling you to do. In fact your mind is almost always going to steer you in the wrong way. I’ve really had to relearn this the hard way these past few months but despite the mild drawdown in my account […]


Tweet If I don’t know exactly how I’m going to play the next trading day I don’t do anything. Having some type of plan and reasons to buy/sell are so essential to one’s success. In addition to making a plan you have to stick to it and not let emotions change your plan midstream. There […]

Tweet . I think I experienced some of these trader’s emotions during the last 30 minutes of the day when the Dow was doing the jig. Excellent article on the benefits of letting the position come to you. clipped from Well, there’s no fun in losing, either. The dopamine reward pathways of the brain […]

Tweet Excellent article stressing the importance of health and fitness as well as being “zen” and how it relates to trading. Part 1 in a series that will offer some stress releasing techniques in future posts. clipped from All you need to do is stop and get off the horse once in a while. […]