Tweet By Paul Pertusi Entering a stock is mostly art rather than science.  You can refer to my morning watch-list with notes on CVX, JAZZ, and TWC to better understand this post.  CVX was my one long of the day and only 2 other stocks from my watch hit advertised levels (JAZZ, TWC).  I passed […]

Tweet JAZZ Simply Came Too Far Too Fast At one point early this October, Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) share price was up 58% year-to-date, including a rise of 25% in September alone. While that is great for shareholders, it also presents a problem; the stock price has risen too quickly for traders comfort. Stock prices […]


Tweet While it’s not exactly raining breakouts yet, there’s nothing in my charts that I can see that will derail this rally in the general markets.


Tweet Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day for 4 5 reasons and one of the best moves may be to let the morning sort itself out and see whether the bears or bulls are left standing when everyone goes to lunch. The try to position yourself for next week. Options expiration GOOG earnings […]