Tweet This is a entertaining 2 part interview with Jim Rogers where I often found the host to be extremely ignorant with ridiculous assumptions and opinions. Right off the bat he accuses Jim of being in the “middle of the curve” because his bias is so strong concerning the growth story that is Asia. If you […]

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Tweet Slope Ahead – …”Mean reversion and trend following are clearly engaged in battle” ~D. Hernquist A Trader’s Guide to Hedging Strategies – Part III – “Predicting in rocky times is for suckers and masochists” Silvers’ Looking for a Catalyst – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about silver, but were afraid to ask. Understanding […]

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Tweet Don’t take my views on China, but take one of the more successful investors of our time, Jim Rogers. From my perspective, Rogers downright embarrasses Alexis on this interview and he is always a pleasure to listen to. Why is it those who make the most sense are most badgered by the media?