Tweet …and I would be a buyer on a pullback on the daily RSI 40 level. This has been a very strong sector and the 2 stocks I like the best to buy are ABT and JNJ. They’ve mirrored the benchmark Pharma Index quite closely and I believe they will do well over the coming […]

Tweet One standout sector that I’m watching for a pullback is the Pharmaceuticals Index. It’s safe, a defensive play, and both of the stocks below pay a dividend. The RSI on DJUSPR has been very bullish (over 70) and what I’m watching for is a pullback near the 40 level to add the 2  stocks […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. In 2010 the number of buyout deals was low in the biotech area due to conservation of cash coupled with some very large drug companies finishing up their mergers led to very few deals of smaller biotech’s. 2011 has the promises a major acquisition year […]