Tweet Building on my previous post’s thesis that the markets are heading for further selling, I analyze a number of different leading stocks in relevant sectors to see if the markets are oversold. This video moves fast and I do that because unless one has a time limit it’s easy to ramble and I feel […]

Tweet This morning I hedged my long positions I purchased yesterday by shorting DIA and QQQ. I did this because the market has entered an area where the odds are about even that it could rebound or allow this sell-off to turn into something more serious. I warned that the velocity of this move had […]

Tweet A good start for my timing signal that gives us a little bit of buffer room. Obviously this doesn’t mean the market is immune from reversing, but at least today gives us a very visible area to focus on and if we move below today’s low I would be very suspicious of the rally’s […]

Tweet I sort of got cut off at the end but I was just going to say that we may get a temporary bounce when the Nasdaq reaches it’s lower Bollinger Band, but not enough that I will cover all my shorts. I’ll just start to trim some then. The market is behaving very weak […]