Tweet By Chris Ebert If emotions are reflected by the stock market then it stands to reason that those same emotions might be reflected in popular music. The same patterns that are perceived as pleasurable to the ear might be expected to be pleasurable to a trader’s sense of market timing, just as  dissonant musical […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert There are times when the stock market seems rather quiet, and other times when it just gets downright violent. While quiet conditions come when traders are in a relative state of consensus, violent times come from just the opposite – traders who are undecided and thus not in consensus. One way […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert The S&P 500 Temperature is a measure of the point level of the S&P 500 with regard to the level at which Covered Calls opened at-the-money 4-months earlier on $SPX (or $SPY) would break even. For example, if one opened a Covered Call using an at-the-money strike price back in February […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Note to readers: Only the charts and the Market Summary change from week to week. All other text remains the same, in order to allow regular readers to quickly absorb the entire Brief. Each Thursday evening, we take some time to reconcile some of the varied options indicators available for the […]