Tweet By Jeff Pierce I rarely use Linked In, at least not to the capacity that I use Twitter. And I use Facebook even less because it’s basically this black hole that sucks you in and is a huge time waster. However I was on Linked In today and noticed something very disturbing. Once you […]

Tweet By All About Trends In addition to the current daily index charts? We talked about “What Do I Need To See To Make Me Take A Trade On The Long Side” that being Pullback Off Highs (POHs) and sure enough take a look at the names below as here comes the feast.

Tweet By All About Trends  We Trade What We SEE, NOT What We Think, Hear Or Fear.  With each trade make sure you ask the question: “What Do I Need To See To Make Me Take A Trade” LNKD Let’s first check out the long term picture to get an overall feel for the trend. LNKD […]

Tweet By All About Trends As the indexes power higher towards resistance within the Yellow Brick Road we see a fair amount of names starting to trade to the beat of their own drum and put in some chart time. That’s a good thing. Some we see being content basing here, others we see like […]