Tweet By Chris Ebert Do you have a question for the Option Scientist? Send it to Your last name and e-mail address will be kept confidential. Q: Mr. Option Scientist: are there any creative ways to use options to go long on a stock such as Ford (NYSE:F)? – Darren C. A: Darren C: […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert For some traders Apple is underpriced yet too expensive to buy Apple (AAPL) has certainly been a great stock to own in 2012. Having begun the year trading near $400 a share, the price has risen some 65%, briefly topping $700 in September. At current prices, there are traders who simply […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert As with all technical indicators, the Option Indices are intended to be tools to help traders plan future trading in a manner that increases the probability of a profit. Last week, it was reported here that the Long Call/Married Put Index (LCMPI) was in danger of reaching a level that would […]