Tweet By Chris Ebert Every trader has some sense of the passage of time. People who buy stocks are certainly concerned with how the prices of those stocks will move as time passes. However, even though stock prices tend to change with the passage of time, it is generally not the passage of time itself […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert One of the most confusing things that stock traders are likely to encounter in the options market is that options offer more than one right answer. There are usually several different ways of earning a profit with options, whereas there is only one way to earn a profit on a stock […]

Tweet JAZZ Simply Came Too Far Too Fast At one point early this October, Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) share price was up 58% year-to-date, including a rise of 25% in September alone. While that is great for shareholders, it also presents a problem; the stock price has risen too quickly for traders comfort. Stock prices […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Pfizer Inc. (PFE) stock has been on a roll over the past two years, with the share price currently up 50% since August 2010. A purely technical analysis indicates that the stock may again be getting ready to rally once the recent minor pullback is complete. An alternative method for analyzing […]