Tweet By Jeff Pierce Quick clip essentially describing why anybody should pay attention to moon cycles within investing cycles and human emotions (herd behavior). I use it in my trading although I don’t share exactly how I use it and I can say from experience there is something to it. If you can’t see the […]

Tweet Few observations about this chart with the new/full moon annotations: Since Sept top, we’ve seen a series of lower highs/lower lows for each moon phase. This V-bounce as moved right into resistance & this bounce appears stronger than it actually is. Volume has been less than stellar on the move higher. Full moons typically […]

Tweet  Today we had an unexpected timing signal change to down. Now is the time to hedge your long positions by initiating shorts on your market etf of choice, or exit all longs completely if you aren’t a fan of shorting. I’m personally choosing to hedge for now as this is a difficult signal on […]

Tweet By Karen Starich I had several subscribers emailing me today about comments Art Cashin made on CNBC this morning. Apparently the buz on the floor today was “The Moon did it!” referring to the big rally and reversal in the markets. Jeff and I both thought it was very odd, since when did Art […]