Tweet By Jeff Pierce It’s hard to really trust the market moves when the Nasdaq screams higher and the Dow closes essentially flat and I want to point something out that could be key as we go into next week. Oct 18th – full moon (top?) Sept 19th – full moon (top in markets) July […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Next week should be wild, but my market timing indicators remain bullish and suggest any weakness is an opportunity to add quality stocks to your portfolio.  Currently the Dow’s pullback hasn’t been much of a pullback at all. It’s more of a consolidation where resolution could come Monday morning as weekend […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce In my research last night I forgot about the full moon tomorrow night and the potential implication for next week and a possible correction. Given that the last new moon was a reversion incident and it continued to push higher into resistance and subsequently past resistance, the likelihood of a pullback next week […]

Tweet One aspect I forgot to point out in this video that is very important is that often times selling comes in three waves. In this chart you’ll see very clearly the three waves of selling that started mid-Sept and the fascinating part is each bottom had either a new/full moon associated with the bottom. Monday’s […]