Tweet By Jeff Pierce I wanted to touch upon the the subject of price targets and cutting losses as volatility can be scary for some who don’t have a clear cut trading strategy. Before I enter a trade I have specific target area as to where I think the stock may go. These expectations are […]

Tweet This is going to be one of those posts that you want to bookmark and read over and over because there is so much wisdom here from Mark Douglas and these concepts really need to sink in. The majority of this post are my notes from a recorded seminar that I watched within the INO TV […]

Tweet . Here’s is a link to an interview with Mark Douglas covering the topic “Mind Over Markets.” Well worth the 53 minutes of viewing time if your goal is to consistantly peel profits out of the markets. Click here to watch. [ad#Google Adsense]


Tweet Additions: SQNM GAS QCOR STE Deletions: NPSP .Beta Watchlist “No matter how much you learn about the market’s behavior, no matter how brilliant an analyst you become, you will never learn enough to anticipate every possible way that the market can make you wrong or cause you to lose money.” Trading in the Zone […]