Tweet By Jeff Pierce Time flies when the markets are making new highs. It’s been a whole month since our last sentiment poll on Zentrader. You can find that poll below in  related posts and at the time I was the most bullish with a Bullish rating on the markets with Karen and Chris being […]

Tweet By Liz DeMera The NYSE Summation has been climbing for the last few months. However, the summation stopped going up on January 29th, 2013 when it peaked at 4304.82. Since then it started a slow downward climb. Then on March 4th it begun another slow drift up. But when you look at the actual […]

Tweet By Liz DeMera NYSE Summation Index is showing signs of weakening. As you can see from the bar chart below we now need +1513 advancers to keep it from going downward. See second chart below for actual the NYSE Summation Index chart. Will be interesting to see what the NYSE Summation will do over […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce