Tweet By Jeff Pierce I was listening to a recorded hypnosis seminar today and the speaker was talking about how the brain is made up of two parts. As I often do I see how the content of this information is relevant to my own trading. The first part of the brain is called the […]

Tweet By Paul Pertusi Trading involves commitment.  I don’t just mean a time commitment, but a commitment to your plan.  If my plan is to buy AAPL above 525 on above average volume, then I’d better do it.  If I think that same AAPL long is over below 523, I’d better sell.  If I don’t […]

Tweet By Brien Satzinger I don’t know an entrepreneur who has branched out to do their own thing who has not taken their lumps.  I know quite a few personally and I have read a handful of biographies and all of them at one point or another had to experience pain.  They had to make […]

Tweet Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. This is the most bullish I’ve seen the contributors since we started keeping track of this in November. One side note is this article was composed late last night/early morning and just by rotation wasn’t posted until late Monday […]