Tweet Related quotes from completely unrelated sources. Often I read many books at the same time and it’s remarkable how the universe connects and intertwines concepts. “To follow the good principles and not let fear, greed and hope interfere with your trading is tough. You’re swimming upstream against human nature.” ~Richard Dennis “True and lasting […]

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Tweet If there’s one thing about the market that is bothering me is how bullish everyone is (including myself). Seems like everything feels the risk on trade is off and it’s back to business as usual on the markets.  And when I say back to business I mean 3 steps up 1 step down as […]

Tweet We are seeing some extreme readings on the put call ratio and we need some time to work off these oversold readings. Remember that the crowd is mostly wrong. Given the the Facebook IPO was a flop and expectations so high we may see more follow through on the downside at the open on […]