Tweet So one very weird aspect to the market is how volatility continues to be muted as the market falls. In the homemade chart below you can see that not only is fear not climbing in the market we’re not even on the positive side of fear, relative to it’s 10 day moving average. One would expect […]

Tweet After 5 failed, whipsawed, (you supply the adjective) it appears that the last one is the real one and I suspect my timing signal is back to being aligned with the market. What does that mean exactly? It means that you shouldn’t own anything long at this point (I sold out of my only long, CORN […]

Tweet I saw this parody on Jimmy Kimmel while on vacation (we haven’t had cable in over a decade) and this tells me that we could be at short term top in the metals. It appears it came out 3 weeks ago and we have been building a head and shoulders topping pattern since early […]

Tweet I guess that’s why they say a bull market climbs a wall of worry, but with all my indicators firmly in the red I see no need to try and time a bottom and stress if the next day is going to be down 4-5%. I believe I heard a collective sigh when the […]