Tweet By Jeff Pierce My trading bias is obviously bearish, I’m not going to try to hide it. Over the last 6 months this Index has shown considerable signs of negative divergence as the Nasdaq posts higher highs but the High Low index continues to weaken.

Tweet By Poly I often present sentiment charts and I do this because they fit well with Cycles analysis.  Sentiment reflects human emotion and Cycles capture the recurring ebb and flow of this emotion towards an asset.  So the below chart is not a timing predictor, but one that demonstrates just how negative sentiment has […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Who cares. Targets can be a distraction when you are specifically talking about “upside” targets, like when you’re entering new high territory. Downside targets are different because you have areas on confluence points of support, moving averages, or whatever you indicator of choice is. At best an upside target will give […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Time flies when the markets are making new highs. It’s been a whole month since our last sentiment poll on Zentrader. You can find that poll below in  related posts and at the time I was the most bullish with a Bullish rating on the markets with Karen and Chris being […]