Tweet If you watch one video of mine this week I suggest watching this one.

Tweet I’ve been saying that the markets biggest problem is a lack of confidence in the entire financial system and I don’t believe one oversold rally is going to fix that. Stay short or start initiating positions is my strategy for now.

Tweet . Don’t Fight The POMO. I’m thinking I should copyright that little slogan…. Lots of bullish signs everywhere and I’m not one to remain bearish in the face of overwhelming optimism in the markets. No trend system is without false signals from time to time, but it’s important to not make excuses when the […]

Tweet . ~ Curtis Faith “Points of price instability represent good trading opportunities. One side or the other will win the battle of psychological warfare, exhausted side will give up. At these points there is a relatively small price difference between a trade working and not working. The cost of being wrong is lower.” It’s […]