Tweet By Jeff Pierce The markets continue to provide little opportunities to be long equities due to the fact there are no leaders and many stocks are also getting hit on earnings news. My stock scans each night have little worth reporting on and when you combine this with the fact my timing signal for […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce This isn’t going to be all doom and gloom, but there does seem to be something wrong with the markets lately. The bounce on Wednesday was met with forceful selling on Thursday and today we undercut recent lows. Basically this tells me that we’re going to see more downside before another […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce The Nasdaq is fighting to get back to 2014 highs and while it just may make it back I don’t think it’ll stay there. That will leave the Dow well shy of new highs and make for a failed attempt to break out if what I see happening plays out. But […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce 2 Out of 3 of the markets I cover are now bearish for my market timing signal. The Dow flipped on Jan 24th and the Nasdaq on Jan 27th, wihile the TSX remains bullish. Caution is advised against opening new positions, especially if you trade momentum stocks as they can get […]