Tweet By Jeff Pierce I spent a lot of time tonight trying to figure out my screencasting software in conjunction with Java after I had already made a video but it wouldn’t let me render it due to Java complications. Between uploading new Java, trying it on a new computer, looking for other screencasting sites […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Here is an interesting way to look at the Nasdaq McClellan Oscillator using the 8ema & 21ema crossover as when to get bearish/bullish. Also when the 5ema starts to rollover could be the start of a correction, and as of today’s close the 8ema is starting to roll over. It doesn’t […]

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Tweet By Jeff Pierce You can either look at today’s move down as the start of something bigger with a lot of downside room to go. Or you can view it as a bump that a car speeding up a hill runs over and the sheer momentum of the vehicle will likely transport the car […]