Tweet By Mobile Guru Senate Bill Sets Stage For Significant Upside In Moly Corp And US Rare Earths The supply of rare earths has been dominated by China for the last several decades but it was not until the real boom of the hi-tech equipment that not only used rare earths but have no alternatives […]

Tweet By Mobile Guru Rare earths have been back in the news lately with prices starting to firm up as China does a better job of stopping illegal exports of their rare earth materials and Japan files a complaint for relief with the World Trade Organization to stop illegal exports from China. The sector as […]

Tweet The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Check out Astrology Traders for specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets she covers. Last Summer I wrote several articles about rare earth and the controversies with China.  I thought I should circle […]


Tweet It’s possible judging by how these charts reacted at important support levels that an intermediate bottom is in within the rare earth metals sector. What a beating this sector has taken over the last couple of months and if you believe that rare earths are going to play any role in the future development […]