Tweet By Karen Starich Over the weekend Uranus and Pluto made the first of seven exact squares that will carry all the way into 2015.  This aspect is very revolutionary and the last time it occurred was during the Great Depression.  The aspect could intensify war rhetoric as a means to deflect attention from the […]

Tweet By Karen Starich I have noticed recently more hints of market manipulation in the media, including comments from guests on CNBC.  There is a concern from those in the Republican party that the markets and the economy need to find their balance without government tinkering, and would more quickly stabilize and move forward without […]

Tweet This is a entertaining 2 part interview with Jim Rogers where I often found the host to be extremely ignorant with ridiculous assumptions and opinions. Right off the bat he accuses Jim of being in the “middle of the curve” because his bias is so strong concerning the growth story that is Asia. If you […]

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Tweet It’s headlines like this that investors will read over their coffee this weekend that will plant a seedling of fear in their minds. Maybe then we’ll start to see the fear that these markets we’ve so badly lacked. clipped from Short month, bitter markets S&P 500, Dow industrials drop a record 11% to […]