Tweet Recently Discovered Video Interview with Seth Klarman – Buffett says one of the few he would feel comfortable managing his money is Klarman Bears Give Up– Biggest switch in sentiment in 7 years (look for more of this in the media) Demystifying Meditation – brain imaging illustrates how meditation reduces pain Understanding trading patterns […]

Tweet I’m convinced that meditation is an integral part of my own success in trading and after completing “The Intention Experiment” I now know a little of the science behind why. With all of the information that we must digests as traders to try and gain a competitive advantage, it’s equally important to become great […]

Tweet  I recently became a member of Green Faucet with the express intent of interacting with other traders to see the markets through a different set of eyes. I came across an interesting article by Ray Barros entitled “A Program for Success” that got me thinking about our subconscious, it’s role in our trading and how […]

Tweet I love that quote from this short clip and I totally buy into the concept of having solutions handed to you when you are not focusing on them. via