Tweet If one had to summarize and condense the finer points to put into some type of action plan from the Omnivore’s Dilemma, here it is. This is part 2 from a book review that Maria did on Michael Pollan’s book awhile back that I wanted, and I wanted to break up into sections to allow time to […]

Tweet . My wife Maria has done a wonderful review of one of my favorite Michael Pollan’s books, and while it’s a tad off topic, it’s a topic that should be on everybodys mind since it deals with what we put in our bodies. Without our health it really doesn’t matter how much money we […]

Tweet Here is a list of points I feel are important to highlight from the video in regards to what is OK to eat when it relates to your health and our environment. My eyes have been opened to a number of health issues ever since I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar 2 months ago […]