Tweet By Karen Starich I have written about Monster (MNST) and the dilemma facing the ongoing concerns about it’s energy drinks ingredients, along with the dates for projected pullbacks as a result of those concerns last year.  Those projections have played out  The concerns that brought those declines are most likely not completely over since […]

Tweet The following is an excerpt from the Sept 23rd premium update by Karen Starich. There are two particular points of interest regarding time and price worth noting after Monster’s massive sell off today. At the time the update was release to subscribers MNST was trading between $54-$55 and we recommended a short near $58. […]

Tweet By Karen Starich This is a follow-up to my August 12th article where I described some of the transits to the IPO chart that I felt hinted to a further correction.  What prompted me to write the article was the similar technical pattern the stock had to the recent pullback with Starbucks (SBUX) that turned out […]


Tweet After last weeks collapse MNST has rallied off the lows to fill the gap and I would say that’s about all it’s got left on the upside. The market is in a precarious situation that stocks with fundamental issues will be the first to get sold by traders. Lots of selling pressure on down […]