Tweet By Chris Ebert One of the more difficult aspects of trading is choosing when to sell a stock. It can be extremely frustrating to sell a stock for a 10% profit only to later watch it gain another 20%. While there are many technical tools available that may help a trader determine when a […]


Tweet . …if the markets catch a bid. Basically these are pullback plays near the 50ema that have strong uptrends and have come back a bit. Another key point is that they haven’t violated any key support areas as well.  To each their own and I’m sure not everyone reading zentrader is bearish, so I like to provide […]

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Tweet My charts are painting a bullish picture and this week’s behaviour seems to be validating that, as does my timing system. We had a consolidation day yesterday and today we opened higher with a slight sell off EOD to keep the bulls from getting to giddy over recent gains. When you throw in the […]