Tweet In early January, I created a Microcap Mobile Index consisting of stocks that have market capitalizations under $1B and a price over $1 that covered the companies below. Let’s take a look at how the group has performed year to date versus the NASDAQ composite. Impressively, the Mobile index racked up a 32% year to […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by a fellow investor mobile guru whose interest lie within the mobile space, biotech, and precious metals. Last weeks auction of the Nortel Corps patents was a clear indication of exactly how valuable companies believe that Intellectual Property will become in the not so distant future. A consortium […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. Last week Google (GOOG) reported first quarter earnings which included $8.58B in gross revenues , 27% ahead of last year and A 15% net increase income of $2.8B. Despite these solid numbers the stock was pummeled on Friday, dropping 47 points or roughly 8%. The […]

Tweet The following is a guest post by Mobile Guru. Just how hot will the emerging mobile market be this year? If the first notable IPO in the space is any indication, 2011 could be a barn burner. Velti PLC. (VELT), a mobile services provider formed ten years ago in Greece. Now headquartered in Dublin […]