Tweet By Jeff Pierce SVA has been on a tear since 2012 and has recently pulled back to work off some of it’s overbought condition. While there is a risk of this pulling back further, I think now is a good time to initiate a starter position as this could retest it’s highs in the […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Using the RSI as a measure of how bullish this stock has become and going buy the metrics of 80-40 as the range that a stock oscillates when it’s in a bullish trend you could say that DEPO is really overbought. The opportunity to trade this stock will be in the […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce  OTIV is a stock I previously wrote about under the Look at this Stock section (click link below under related posts for original article) and it seems to be setting up for another buy entry. In December this carved out a double top pattern, but it was only a short term […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce  Jan 10th  Dec 13th – With my timing signal on Nasdaq turning lower this week I’ve definitely seen a change in character of stocks I’m watching and personally own. They aren’t so quick to keep going up as the wind behind the markets just isn’t there. I’d be careful entering new longs […]