Tweet By Jeff Pierce I just discovered this stock over the weekend as I was going over 100’s of charts and this looks like a great long setup. Only problem is they release before the bell tomorrow, so it’s not really actionable unless it has an initial move to the downside as that could be […]

Tweet This is an interesting chart because on one hand everything is bullish about it – a picture of perfection from a trend and momentum perspective. base on base previous earnings winner nice price/volume, although not shown on chart consolidating at/near highs And on the other hand the are releasing earnings after the bell tomorrow […]

Tweet Mama said there would be days like today…Nice solid volume, everything looks uber good for a follow through. Let’s see if it happens. If so, then it’ll be good times ahead for the bulls. [ad#ad-1]


Tweet . If you look how the RSI is stair-steping down, it illustrates underlying weakness in this index. First it goes from extremely overbought (RSI > 80) to 50, then rallies back up to the overbought level, but fails to match it’s current level. Then it proceeds to make a new low, falling under 30, […]