Tweet By Jeff Pierce It’s quite remarkable the TSX is as strong as it is over the last 6 months when you place it side by side with the commodity gold. Many miners make up the TSX and the fluctuations in the gold price effect the miners, but as the TSX soars gold is making […]

Tweet This low volume grind can continue longer than you think is possible. Using the VIX chart below you can see it’s at extremely low levels, but just having a low reading isn’t enough to give you the green light to short the markets. If you want to play it safe, wait for the VIX […]

Tweet I see two scenarios playing out in bonds – and they both see bonds higher 3-6 months from now. Everyone wants to say that bonds are going to go down, and at some time they will, but I don’t think it’s now. Back in Aug 2008, when we were floating around $100 and many […]


Tweet When using the RSI, readings between 20-60 are associated with downtrending charts and 40-80 are uptrending. The Vix has recently undergone a complete character change throughout the month of May. It’s also finding support at certain moving averages and it’s ability to stay above it’s 200ma is a good sign for the bears. This […]