Tweet The chart below is of the percentage of stocks on the Nasdaq that are above their 50dma and you can see the stair-step pattern should see this chart hitting new lows sometime in September, as each new low is about 3 months apart. This is not a given, nor is my prediction based on […]

Tweet   Here is one market internal chart that is at all time highs. It was this high (94) one other time back in 2003. I’m not suggesting that we’re going to fall anytime soon, but just wanted to point this out. Most likely momentum will carry this rally for a few more weeks before […]

Tweet Most of my main indicators in my market timing strategy are end of day and they’re not updated yet, but I’m optimistic that after today’s rally we’re going to get a all clear to get long this market. It may not come for a few more days, but I’ve been telling you guys to […]