Tweet Somewhat of an uneventful day on Wall St with volume almost nonexistent. I kept waiting for the markets to bounce with my market timing system flashing an initial buy signal on Friday, but as I mention in the video that did not happen. I like to have a confirmation move to avoid jumping into […]

Tweet These charts look absolutely horrible and paint a very bearish picture. I would advise against trying to pick up any longs up this time as this market could really gain momentum to the downside. I’m sure many are hoping for a bounce (including myself) to short more and that logic will probably work against the masses. […]

Tweet I like today’s action as it favors the bulls. After looking at this chart I opted to put some cash to work today near the close and bought ARMH SWKS RVBD. We ended today right at support. We could gap down tomorrow but until my main signal goes bearish, we should be buying these dips. Deploy […]

Tweet …but we have a lot of room to hang out here at the lower levels, churn, and possibly head lower. [ad#co-1]