Tweet We all know that the problem with trend trading is that there will be whipsaws before the real trend emerges. A major them that is repeating itself in the markets right now is severe volatility that is making virtually all signals highly unreliable. Maybe the 3rd false signal is a charm this time. I […]

Tweet The chart below is of the percentage of stocks on the Nasdaq that are above their 50dma and you can see the stair-step pattern should see this chart hitting new lows sometime in September, as each new low is about 3 months apart. This is not a given, nor is my prediction based on […]

Tweet This is a neat chart used to confirm weakness or strength in the market. Basically when the Nasdaq Summation goes above or below the bollinger band then a strong trend has emerged. Use the ADX  to confirm that trend and Bollinger Band Width indicator to see volatility picking up, which could add fuel to […]

Tweet I’ve had mixed success in using this as a market timing indicator. It often gives false signals and you can’t really trust the first signal that is given. However I’m finding that the best way to use this indicator is when negative/positive divergence occurs, or it has some sort of technical pattern breakout or […]