Tweet . Well…I want to first say that my sell signal on the markets has since been reversed with Monday’s rally and I’m patiently waiting the real signal. However, everyday the markets rally, fall, reverse, etc, rinse, repeat…. the markets continue to paint a bullish picture. I’m not bullish, but given that the market doesn’t want […]


Tweet Interesting chart that can be interpreted one of two ways. Either it’s very bullish that we are nowhere near overbought levels when you compare the previous bullish time frames as we are barely making any new highs, and we have a long way to go before this rally ends. Or it’s very bearish that […]



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Tweet I think the most bullish thing this market could have done today was drop a hundred or two on light volume to consolidate some of the gains it’s had over the last 5 trading days. When I was going over my trading indicators tonight this one jumped out as I immediately noticed that the […]