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Tweet By Poly Japan’s Nikkei dropped 7% on Wednesday night that was then followed by another significant fall.  In the end it was a 2,000 point rout that was a “shot across the bow” for world markets.  However on a weekly chart it was barely a blimp, the Nikkei has rallied 7,000 points in just […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce As a follow up to the post the other day about Japanese stocks and their insane push higher, below are some stocks from that region that are truly overbought with many going up over 100% in the past 6 months. These could be ones to look at once they have some […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Since November lows the Nikkei has risen 6k points vs 2500 on the Dow. Yes I think the markets are overheated and due for a pullback, but it’s not a given so be careful to not let any trading bias dictate your plan. My timing signal on US equities has been […]