Tweet This chart didn’t make it onto the video below but what I wanted to point out is we could fall to 1391 on SPX and remain above the previous level of support. If you’re fearful of a market decline then you’re likely over-leveraged and should have used today’s strength to lighten up on the long side. […]

Tweet . I would be very worried if I was long this market with what I’m seeing in the market internals. In this video I mostly stick with the NYSE, NASDAQ, VIX analysis using  Keltner Channels. [ad#Google Adsense] “Mature understanding of and respect for risk is the hallmark of the best traders. They know that […]

Tweet Update 10:14am – not seeing any evidence that is going to cause me to go long at this time. Just a spectator keeping one eye on the market today as I’m not seeing a good edge here. [ad#co-1] Let me be clear that while I’m starting to see some bullish divergences I haven’t made […]

Tweet I don’t have a sell signal yet, but it’s close. It feels likeIn this chart the market continues to make new highs while the NYSE McClellan Oscillator drifts into red territory. The TRIX is also showing negative divergence. It’s difficult to watch many individual stocks hit new highs and feeling like one is missing opportunity, but […]