Tweet By Liz DeMera Looking at the following charts below, I believe will have a rally sometime this week. Many folks looking for the market to break down will be disappointed as the data shows we should get a rally before a break down.  By no means do I believe this is the “Bottom”  more so as I believe that […]

Tweet This chart of the NYSE Advance-Decline Volume really gives a clear picture to the increased volatility we’ve seen over the last 6 weeks as we oscillate back from really oversold to really overbought. When you look at the Nasdaq chart in the bottom window it doesn’t appear that different from normal, but the 2 black windows […]

Tweet More of the same today as the markets grind higher.  One signal I mentioned in yesterday’s video to watch for to indicate an overbought level is the 4 ema moving above above the upper bollinger and as of today’s close they are at par. Historically this has been a good tell that the market […]

Tweet After yesterdays rally (89% upside day) today was expected, but the NYSE advance-decline should give you a small degree of comfort if you are a bull. If you were quick enough in the morning you could have opened a long position in any ETF and gotten a better fill than I did yesterday. Looking […]