Tweet By Karen Starich I was very vocal about a potential Obama defeat.  Although the outcome is a surprise I am not shocked.  Mercury turned retrograde on election day and there could be a twist to this outcome.  Mercury retrogrades are notorious for bringing changes and exposing mistakes.  It might be difficult to carry on […]

Tweet Here is a question from last nights Financial Astrology webinar regarding Karen’s prediction that Obama won’t be reelected. I hope your right about an Obama defeat, but if he does win, would that change your outlook for record highs in the stock market next year? Thanks for another great webinar. ~Astrology Trader Subscriber Karen’s […]

Tweet The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the markets. Her unique insights will provide an alternative view to the markets with a focus on the precious metals sector. During Biden’s trip to Japan transiting Venus (financial advisers ) is conjoin the south node in Japans 8th house of investments, taxes, […]

Tweet I mentioned yesterday here on twitter that the markets seemed like they were gearing up for a big move. I just had the direction wrong and never thought Obama could move that many people to jump back in the markets, but it is what it is. Oh, and I also included my twitter feed […]