Tweet This appears to be going much higher after a recent breakout of a diamond pattern. Yes it’s a bit obscure to draw a diamond pattern this big, but the boundaries fit and the pattern just emerged one day when I was looking at the long term chart of Oil trying to determine key ranges. […]


Tweet Oil is looking like it’s going to bust to the upside any day now. It’s forming a wedge on many different timeframes and the ADX on the daily and weekly are both low that if it does breakout it could make a large move in that direction. ADX identifies the strength of a trend […]

Tweet We got the opposite of follow through this week which now leaves a lot of uncertainty in the markets. I have more long exposure than I want at this point after today’s move lower and will be watching the market for signs that this could be the start of a Santa Sell-off. My timing […]


Tweet The other day I was looking  at a 20 year monthly chart of Oil and trying to figure out where this current rally may top out at. After tilting my head from side to side, this is the best I could come up with for upper and lower boundaries. The yellow lines is where […]