Tweet By Christopher Ebert Reader Question: I have seen reference to several option strategy indices on this site (LSSI. LCMPI, CCNPI). Can you direct me to where I can find more information on these indices (index structure, historical record, etc). Answer: The three option indices were created right here on zentrader and each is updated […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert An analysis of option trades on General Electric (GE) shows two types of emotions are likely to be present among traders. GE stock has been trending upward for nearly a year. While recent performance has left traders strongly bullish, the quick pace of the uptrend has likely left many felling that […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert As with all technical indicators, the Option Indices are intended to be tools to help traders plan future trading in a manner that increases the probability of a profit. Last week, it was reported here that the Long Call/Married Put Index (LCMPI) was in danger of reaching a level that would […]