Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary A few weeks ago, the Long Call/Married Put Index (LCMPI) began indicating weakness in the current bull market. With that weakness came a renewed lack of predictability. Strongly bullish traders are relatively predictable; they buy on dips, they buy at new highs, they test support and ignore resistance. […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary The Long Call/Married Put Index (LCMPI) returned to positive territory this past week – barely – and is hardly an indication of any significant change in sentiment. There is very little in the way of strength behind trader’s bullish emotions now. With lack of strength comes lack of […]

Tweet JAZZ Simply Came Too Far Too Fast At one point early this October, Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) share price was up 58% year-to-date, including a rise of 25% in September alone. While that is great for shareholders, it also presents a problem; the stock price has risen too quickly for traders comfort. Stock prices […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Option Index Summary Traders have now lost faith in their bullishness! It’s not that they are no longer bullish; they are. But as of this past week, they have lost strength in their bullish convictions. As a group, traders generally have three emotions. They are either strongly bullish, weakly bullish, or […]