Tweet Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. This is the most bullish I’ve seen the contributors since we started keeping track of this in November. One side note is this article was composed late last night/early morning and just by rotation wasn’t posted until late Monday […]

Tweet By Christopher Ebert Below is an example of a trade alert that went out for Fun Money on Friday morning. Subscribers receive structured option trade ideas with trade alerts so you know exactly what to do for maximum profits. Per our update from Wednesday, CMG has traded up into a resistance zone. If resistance is hit near 280/285, the […]

Tweet By Fun Money As our stock newsletter pointed out, the indexes finally gave us a constructive day Friday. And our two current positions are acting well with opportunities for us to do more (see our watch list below) as the market may give us a well needed bounce via a holiday week. It sets […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert An analysis of stock options reveals that traders of Cooper Tire (CTB) are likely to feel strongly bullish, and the recent pullback from the $23 level appears to be nothing more than a much needed correction. Further analysis indicates the current trading range of $20-$21 may not represent enough of a […]