Tweet By Karen Starich The recent pullback in silver is counter intuitive to the HUI and suggests something is not jiving with the paper price of silver.  There are currently very strong aspects with Jupiter (silver) and Saturn (gold and mining) to the U.S. chart that would suggest institutional investors acquiring large amounts of the […]

Tweet I would be a buyer with slightly more weakness in this sector. Below I’ve indicated potential areas of support on the stocks I like in this sector. I believe this pullback will be swift and extremely volatile, and it will be bought quickly so you’ll have to be quick on the buy button. There […]


Tweet Everybody likes to root for the little guy. And when I say little guy I really mean the precious metals market. Those die hard gold bugs are rejoicing tonight and cracking their bottles of champagne because all is well in the land of the yellow metals (and the silver as well) while the gold bull […]

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Tweet I like gold here as an investment going forward I just liked it a whole lot better a few weeks ago. I think we at the top of this wedge formation and due for a pullback and the RSI could come back to the previous high around 50. That would be very constructive and […]