Tweet By Peter D. Schiff Guest Columnist Money Morning The healthcare bill unveiled last week by the U.S. House of Representatives (with the full support of the Obama administration) is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever drafted. If passed, President Obama’s healthcare plan will reduce the quality and increase the cost of healthcare […]

Tweet Six parts in total, but well worth the time investment as it covers many various topics like the Government’s confusion between the concepts of regulations vs control, online poker’s recent legal troubles, cops choking ambulance drivers, and how Ayn Rand is suddenly cool again. The government ultimately feels that this whole crises is our […]

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Tweet From Greater Fool regarding what to expect in the upcoming year. Actually, you should remember these months. They’ll be unique. Interest rates at zero. People hoarding cash, buying gold, trusting nobody. Politicians doing extreme, unscripted and unresearched things. Giant corporations teetering. Neighbourhood stores shuttering. Real estate, investment, banking and government spokespeople preaching calm and […]