Tweet Sometimes when the markets seem to be a critical juncture I like to look over my sector charts to gauge whether there is hidden strength or weakness. What I found is that the majority of charts remain strong and are just working off an overbought condition over the last 2 weeks. Three sectors that […]

Tweet This is sort of a follow up to Karen’s article a few days ago highlighting gold and silver as a sector that you’ll want to pay attention to in the coming weeks. Here is a ratio chart of the Gold:USD. If you are unfamiliar with what a ratio chart is here is Stockcharts definition: […]

Tweet If there is a market you want to see a chart view with the 3 Line break, leave me a comment below and I’ll try and add to this post if I have time. I’m curious if any of you have dipped your toes in any of these markets? From my standpoint I wouldn’t […]