Tweet I’m not much of a gambler and I find casinos incredible sad for the most part, but you can’t argue the similarities between poker and trading. Below are some of my favorite quotes from this short video that is well worth viewing. “In investing, you can have a great process and still do badly […]


Tweet   From a poker pdf I read awhile back. I substituted a few words and you’ll see how useful these guidelines can be for traders. Actual winning/losing of a trade is unimportant. Each well executed trade, win or lose, is a victory. Each poorly executed trade is a defeat (even if you make money). Each move or action […]

Tweet Six parts in total, but well worth the time investment as it covers many various topics like the Government’s confusion between the concepts of regulations vs control, online poker’s recent legal troubles, cops choking ambulance drivers, and how Ayn Rand is suddenly cool again. The government ultimately feels that this whole crises is our […]