Tweet . Is it too much to ask for a balanced budget? These charts look so overwhelming negative that nothing short of a miracle will we ever be in the surplus again. clipped from clipped from The first chart illustrates how QE2 flushed domestics out of Treasuries and effectively funded 63 percent of […]

Tweet The character of the market is changing, evident by these three charts below. In the NASDAQ chart you’ll see that this is the first time in quite a while the red candle was completely below the middle keltner channel line. The -d1 line on the ADX has spiked and when the actuall ADX line […]

Tweet   From my perspective we currently find ourselves in the handle of a massive cup with handle pattern that has a lot of upside if it plays out. As crazy as it sounds we could be heading much higher. Or…this is the double top pattern and we’re going to sink like a rock. I dislike […]

Tweet   It doesn’t matter if it’s POMO, the PPT, or those reptilian aliens who manipulate the markets…the fact remains trading (just like life) is a rigged game. You can complain about it or you can try to find your trading niche and systematically remove your piece of the pie. Do I think the market […]