Tweet I don’t have a percentage, but it was high the amount of sector charts showing some form of positive divergence between the price action and the RSI.  I like new lows to remain bearish on the RSI (which in turn subsequent price action) and we are not getting that at this time. One has […]

Tweet This chart alone suggests a bounce is coming without considering the last 9/10 days have been down days in the markets. Divergences in the TRIX, $NYMO, and a flat line in the RSI is a win for the bulls as well. Now lets look at a chart of Barclays 20yr T-Bond which runs inverse […]


Tweet I’m not quite sure how I missed taking some profits off the table midday when the selling was the most severe…but for some reason I chose to hang on for more profits that never came. After the market closed and I evaluated some of my charts I recognized my mistake in holding and opted […]