Tweet By Mobile Guru What is Arianne Resources worth after completion of its Bank Feasibility Study? Back in March I wrote an article Arianne: A Review Of Company Resources that outlined where Arianne Resources (DAN.v) was at based on the completion of their prefeasibility bank study and that they were planning to complete the final Bank Feasibility […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Sept 24th Update: Looks like upside momentum has dissipated and is ready to resume downtrend. First stop gap fill. Second stop < $29. Throughout the “Look at this Stock” series I’ve only covered long side stocks. POT is a stock I’ve kept tabs on since their last earnings report which saw […]

Tweet By Mobile Guru In a previous article back in January on Arianne Resources (, Arianne Resources On Big Fertilizer Stocks Radar, I discussed how Arianne was a potential takeover candidate by some of the biggest names in the fertilizer business. On Tuesday May 21st Arianne provided a further update on their development with a […]

Tweet By Mobile Guru Back in January I wrote an article, Arianne Resources on Big Fertilizers Radar, that discussed the potential of an exciting development stage mining company in the phosphate market. The article discussed why they might be a viable takeover candidate going forward and potential catalysts to look for. On Thursday they distributed […]