Tweet By Astrology Traders The surprising trade of the week was certainly the pullback on Krispy Kreme after earnings.  I was on a conference call for two hours Friday morning and was surprised to see my order filled at $13.85.  KKD was up over 6% by the time my conference call was over.  Now that […]

Tweet By Poly     Ever since the Cycle broke down 2 weeks ago we’ve known that lower prices were ahead.  Some say the Cycles are not as affective these days, but I say the Feb 11th Cycle (failure) warning saved many, allowing them to side step the worse of it. What we have now […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below are some key technical levels I’m watching for on Gold and Silver futures. Overall I feel that these are going lower, but you have to plan for various scenarios.

Tweet By Poly     Friday’s move lower in gold was not what I had expected.  At least what I didn’t expect was for gold to close near its lows, as I would have been fine with a midday reversal and a close back near the 20dma.  My expectation earlier in the week was for […]